School Principal Message

Welcome to the website of KV NAD Vishakhapatnam. The school was established in the year 1987, the school has always been ready to meet the educational needs of the defense personnel and citizens with dedication and accountability. In August 2023, I joined the school with my dream that in order to take the Vidyalaya to the highest position with the help of all our teachers, teachers, teachers and VMC president. I want to prepare for the students, for a fast changing scenario of society. Education, in the view of Gandhi; "Begins with the birth of a man and ends with the death of a man" Actually it is a lifelong process which is to make a person change in the natural areas, so it is important that education be given the most important attention And we must be prepared to awaken all midnight, to make the best competition in the world, to hope for modern day India. I want to invite this fact to the attention of parents and teachers, in order to change our old mindset in the order of time, the society is more vibrant and dynamic. I am confident that with new zeal, I will bring KVNAD Vishakhapatnam up to new heights. I'll take it....